and ■new shares to

w ones, can get ●a 10 perce●nt discount on◆ their replace●ments. Televisio○n sets and personal◆ computers ar●e two of the 5 appl■iances on the list.■ 2 billion yuan has ●been set aside t●o fund this measure◆. Starting Thursday●, residents of Shang■hai's rural ■areas will be○ eligible for govern〓ment subsidies fo◆r home appliances◆. It's part of mea〓sures to boost consu■mption to b○olster the econom■y.Suning App■liance Co, China's s●econd largest e〓lectrical appl■iances retaile■r by sales, is ■planning to e〓xpand into t○he rural m〓arket at an agg○ressive pace in a bi○d to gain an upper ○hand

over archrival ■Gome. This will be○ done through lev■eraging the gove◆rnment's r◆ebate program for h●ousehold electri■c appliances, Sunin■g's president Sun We■imin told China○ Daily."Suning wi○ll open at least ●1,000 store●s in the third- a○nd fourth-tier〓 cities within five ○years," Su〓n said."A sm〓all number● of these stores wil◆l be directly● owned by ●Suning, and the res●t will see investm●ents by oth●ers interest●ed in running○ our brand of store〓s."Late last year, t〓he company, 〓which has 812 ●stores nat〓ionwide, an●nounced it woul●d open

exi●sting share〓holders.Ba

  • 200● stores this ye○ar. Gome, which owns〓 1,300 stores in ?/p>

    鰐he country, ◆said there would b

  • e ●no change in the n○umber of its stores● this year. Accor

    d●ing to Suning's 〓2008 financia

  • l● report, 13●4 stores out ◆of the 812 are● located in thi

    rd-■ and fourth〓-tier cities.■T

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